Shikwaru Lodge makes available an array of elegant venues, easily transformed to accommodate a day that will be a clear reflection of you and your partner. World-class catering and professional hospitality staff also help to provide a refined and sophisticated date to be remembered.


The Hangar


The Hangar is ideally situated in the open game farm and is a vintage aviation themed, indoor reception area. With surrounding windows, folding glass doors, and roll away plane entry hangar doors – The space can be full of natural light! Vaulted ceilings give height. A side hall for a buffet leaves the room feeling spacious. The half-moon outdoor patio is used for the beautiful ceremony space, and has a center aisle with a pergola walkway. Lattice work surroundings give intimacy to your ceremony, while still being surround by the picturesque bushveld and wildlife.

On your special day, the bride can fly-in with one of our trusted pilots! This ceremony space is built next to our plane runway in order to create a memorable bridal entrance.



The Restaurant at Shikwaru Lodge is a beautiful indoor reception space with a modern take on the traditional bush lodge. The three tiered levels, vaulted ceilings, surrounding windows and sliding glass doors add elegance.

For a cozy wedding group, polished cement floors make for a perfect dance floor. A fully equipped serving area makes catering an easy task. The Restaurant is an affordable option for intimate gatherings.

An outdoor deck in the garden, situated near a small dam, creates a romantic area for ceremonies near the Restaurant.

At Shikwaru we make available an array for rental equipment for weddings and events . From tables and chairs, to under-plates, cutlery, table cloths, runners, candle holder and more! Even if you aren’t getting married at Shikwaru, you can still rent items from us. For more information about our rental items you can send email

With a variety of options to help fulfill your wedding needs – Shikwaru can offer services varying from a plethora of wedding day rentals all the way to professional wedding photography. For detailed information or pricing enquiries for these additional services, speak with the Shikwaru staff.